OK Social is an after-work party club for people in creative industries in Calgary and Vancouver.



What we do

OK Social is an after-work party  for people in the creative industry. The goal is to get creative people together and encourage them to meet other like-minded people within their community for critical discussions, collaboration or just to meet someone new.

Our events are free and always  support local charities through our fundraising efforts.

OK Socials happen 4 times a year and have a different theme every time. A  local artist designs a unique poster for the event that we have screen-printed and delivered to studios and agencies throughout the City.



Who we like

Our target demographic includes (but is not limited to) advertisers, designers, marketers, social media experts, developers, video producers, sound producers, musicians, artists, and makers.

Our previous events have been held in Calgary and we have partnered  with various creative initiatives including the Calgary International Film Festival, Camp Digital and Design Festival, AdRodeo, Sled Island Music Festival and Adobe Creative Jams.



Who we is

Our team is a group of like-minded and well-connected people that have been in the creative and event planning communities in Calgary for over 5 years, and through that we’ve made various venue and supplier connections that we’ve used to create awesome social experiences. This well-oiled party-planning machine keeps things well-organized, beautiful, and the messaging is always on point.