The OK Awards:
Mediocre Awards for Good Creatives.

We were trying to think of our next big thing one day. We had some good ideas too. Bar Mitzvah Social, Pyjama Social, Should we buy a boat? All seemed like rational ideas but then we really got it. What if there was an award show that literally no one cared about winning?

So we did it, we started our own show. Here’s how it works: You submit in a category, send us a tiny bit of cash, and then roll up to the event to see if you won an award that you display semi-proudly next to all those well-earned Anvil awards. The best part is it’s entirely judged by us, the OK Social team. You got a problem with that? Start your own award show then.




Here’s the categories we’ve come up with but hey, if you want to just submit something that’s not on the list maybe we’ll create a category for it, who knows?

OK Office Dog

 Send us a picture of a good boy that works in your office, and find out if it’s the best boy! Or girl! Please include the dog’s name, owner, and place of work.


Made a logo you’re proud of but the client hated it? Send it our way and find out if it’s actually good and the client is dumb or if it actually sucks.

OK Easter Egg

Ever hidden something hilarious in a design or a website? Now’s the time to reveal it! Submit your OK Easter Egg and we swear we won’t tell anyone*.

*We will tell people. 

OK Pun

Everyone loves a good play on words. Show us your best use of a pun, whether it’s in a headline, an email, or a Slack convo. We’re OK with whatever!

OK Behind the Scenes Shot

Did you capture something cool while you were supposed to be capturing something else? We’d love to see it.

OK Outtake

It is scientifically proven that outtakes are better than 99% of what makes it on screen. Send us your funniest outtake to support science.

OK Cameo (using staff/friends in a video or photoshoot)

Call in some favours and keep those budgets tight. We want to see the best cameo appearance by your coworkers and friends in a video or photoshoot.

OK Side Hustle

Let’s be real, you might sell hot tubs for a living but what you really do is play keyboards. Tell us about your side hustle and we’ll tell you if it’s OK.

OK Social Post (or account)

Do you work really hard on your Instagram without getting the respect you deserve? Well, now’s your chance. Share your best social post and get some likes in person.

OK personal brand

We are not sure what we mean by this, but we are open to ideas. If you have a personal brand that deserves to be showered with applause, tell us all about it. You might win an award!

OK notebook doodle

You saved all of those notebooks for a reason. Dig up your best doodle and send it our way. It might be from a meeting, a failed brainstorm, or the beginning of a truly great idea. We don’t care. We just want to see the doodle.

OK use of a free font

It isn’t the font we wanted, but it’s the font we need right now. Show us your best use of a free font.

OK use of stock photography

If you could find a use for a woman holding a watermelon and smiling, that would be wonderful. Regardless, we want to see the most OK use of a stock photograph.

OK Office Perk

There’s gotta be some benefit to sitting in the same desk every day, right? What office perks keeps you coming back for more? Note: If it is gummy candies, please bring some to the show.

OK Sports (best office sports team)

Do all of you nerds and artists get together once a week to play rec volleyball? We’d love to see photographic evidence!



The Rules

THERE ARE NO RULES. Just kidding, there’s a few rules:

  1. Submissions are open May 6th till May 20th.

  2. Submissions cost $5. This just makes sure we can afford to buy the actual physical piece of metal.

  3. Submissions can come from an agency, a freelancer, your mom, whoever. Just please don’t submit any work you didn’t do.

  4. Winners will be announced at the 1st Annual OK Awards on May 30th, and if you just wanna come it’s $5 at the door.

  5. The dress code is anything goes except nudity, but we encourage fancy dress.

  6. Please don’t send us anything gross.


How to Submit

  • Email your submission to

  • Title your email as the category you are submitting for.

  • Include a brief description of your work and attach a photo of the work.

  • E-transfer your $5 to with the password: “porkchop”